In 1990 Amma visited Australia for the first time, and due to her beauty, simplicity, charm and divine presence she inspired the Yogafest into being.  By her example of loving kindness, acceptance of all, her compassion and guidance towards serving our brothers and sisters with the understanding that it is not my will but Divine Will – this fundamental teaching from the Guru,  the way opened up and Yogafest has been a gift for everyone involved,  The teachers, the helping staff, the cooks and above all, the attendee,  our guests,

The understanding that we give unconditionally without need for rewards or renumeration has been the base line which Yogafest has run on since the beginning.  All monies raised go directly towards Amma’s first Australian Ashram in Carrum Downs.  check website: www.ammaaustralia.org  It is a privilege to serve with love and Amma has given us this vision.

The Dance Of Life: Centre Of Yoga And Healing in Fitzroy, just north of Melbourne’s CBD, presents each Yogafest Retreat Somers, and has done since it’s inception in 2005.

The Dance Of Life was founded by Eugenie Knox in 1975, growing organically and naturally from a tiny seed to the flowering tree it has become involving many and varied artists, students, and individuals.

In the beginning the Dance of Life was predominantly a studio of creative, expressive dance encompassing Graham Technique and Isadora Duncan style freedom of movement. The Studio was originally situated in Macarthur Place in Carlton, overlooking a small park which became a feature for audiences to enjoy after the performances.

After living in India in Ganeshpuri the Ashram of Swami Muktananda for 16 months in the early 1980s, Eugenie established a new studio in Smith Street, Collingwood. The studio grew slowly with dance gradually giving way to yoga following Eugenie’s experiences of the transforming powers of yoga and meditation from Ashram life in India.

And after meeting Sri Mata Amritanandamayi Devi in 1990 students of yoga began filling the new studio and the energies of life, personal growth and excitement began flowing.  Amma’s Divine Grace is felt by all who come to the studio, as Amma’s gaze from the large photo on the altar follows you to your own source.

The Dance of Life community of young and enthusiastic students started to flourish, with many students committing to daily early morning 2-hour classes followed by ‘satsang’ (in the company of the truth) and breakfast. Many lives were shared, sorted through and understood as yoga became a living element, not only a sequence of poses. Thirteen years of hard work, sweat, grace and love bore a grand troupe of teachers in both dance and yoga.

At the end of 1999 a new home was sought to continue the work of expansion through yoga, meditation and expression through movement. A beautiful studio situated in the gardens of St. Marks Church, Fitzroy magically manifested which still stands as the studio’s home.

Eugenie Knox the Founding Director of the Dance of Life from 1975-2008 has always followed her own inner knowledge, moving onwards steadily, day by day, developing her own body and mind and guiding others on the path, with love.

Dance Of Life remains committed to spiritual, emotional and physical health, happiness and peace of mind. The Studio’s philosophy is simply: to open the mind and heart to the Infinite in each and everyone. Yoga and dance classes for all levels of experience from beginner to advanced are held seven days a week, as well as specialised classes like mums and bubs classes and prenatal yoga. Practitioners from diverse backgrounds such as shiatsu, massage, arts therapy, kinesiology, dance movement therapy and Body Mind Centering all come together under one roof to work holistically towards your health.

Visit Dance Of Life’s website for further information and up-to-date class information.